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Best #iste10 Tweets

The ISTE 2010 Conference has been amazing this year. One of the best parts of the conference was being able to follow everyone on Twitter. There was no need for a cell phone. All you had to do was tweet where you were and an entire room would be filled with those ready to learn. Even those who could not make it to Denver were able to experience the magic of educational technology through social media. It was great to practice what we preach.

I thought it would be fun to pick some of my favorite tweets from #ISTE10 and share them with you all. Many of them are thought provoking and are great quotes to show the extent of how well this social medium has been used. I also encourage you all to add your own favorite tweets below!

Have you made the list?


  • “Kids don’t mind when we don’t have the answers *if* we are willing to let them learn it (and maybe even learning it with them)” via@robwall
  • “Who you are in front of your students is who they have the potential to become” via@angelamaiers
  • “The only way to change the way you teach is to experience it” via@zietz
  • “Technology doesn’t improve education, it changes it…Teachers improve education” via@mtrump
  • “When kids perceive that using technology is boring, breakage rates go up!” via@mmuir
  • “Identify outcomes you want to achieve in class and figure out if you can work tech in” via@bwasson
  • “Don’t be afraid to make new friends. You won’t learn anything new hanging out with the people you came here with”via@bethstill
  • “It’s not about the gadgets. Think about the end result and see how technology can get you there” via@itecsbrian
  • “The most important technology we can advocate today is the technology of asking a good question” via@ B. Porter
  • “Just overheard, “Hey, nice to finally meet you, but I didn’t think it would be here. It’s a tweetup in the rest room”via@tgwynn
  • “I think I just converted 10 people into Tweeps” via@davidwees
  • “It’s no longer about teaching content, but teaching students how to find, connect, and use”
  • “Any teacher that can be replaced by technology, deserves to be” via@David Thornburg
  • “75% of students report using social media as an educational tool, yet over 50% of districts block them.” via@willrich45
  • “If you don’t have passion for teaching using technology you just bore your students with powerpoint” via@mumms
  • “Although it’s been great being at #iste10, it’s been wonderful heading from those virtually. Brings this conference to a new level” via@schoology
  • “#iste10 makes me wish for iste11,12,13,14..”
  • “Learning is social in most cases, improve the communication among students” via@mattwiebel
  • “Give students the freedom to step out of the tradition assignment” via@Ben Smith
  • “77% of all future jobs will require tech skills” via@jeffskohls
  • “”We have to prepare kids to manage relationships.” Digital Citizenship. Hard to teach DC with so many social sites blocked” via@tim_yocum
  • “Every school should gather up a team of kids to figure out best use of cell phones” via@Alan November
  • “#iste10 the one place it’s acceptable to be on your phone at all times….” via@hoolagirl8
  • “We all do school planning but we don’t all need separate plans” via@principalwells
  • “We keep squeezing round (open) pegged students into small (closed) square holes and expecting to produce well-rounded individuals” via@mtrump
  • “We need to teach our kids how to Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn….Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn……..” via@mtrump
  • “Quote I love (abbreviated): “It’s never been about technology but always about good teaching.” Period!”via@YETCTrainers
  • “Favorite quote of the day:Teachers have the right to hide in a cave but they don’t have the right to drag students with them” via@oswego98
  • “Does access to quality education mean access to technology? My response (so far) to #edchat at #iste10 today”via@whatedsaid
  • “My goal for the last day of #iste10: to finish answering the question – How does this change my thinking and my teaching practice?” via@jeygenraam
  • “Good morning-closing day for ISTE 2010, but not closing day for learning-take some with you wherever you go-and safe travels to all #iste10” via@csitterley
  • “What if we fail?”…”If we don’t try, that’s a sure fail” via@mc_lewis
  • “Creativity teaches us to stretch our thought patterns so we can imagine ourselves in another’s shoes.”via@csommervold
  • “Make your creativity example not completely fit the task so that students do not stop being creative on their own project” via@hurricanemaine
  • “How many of you would get in trouble if the principal saw your students sitting quietly in rows reading a book?”via@principalwells
  • “Change your language. We teach kids, not subjects.” “It’s not about us, it’s about them.” via@chrislehmann
  • “I really think what makes things like #ISTE10 valuable is Twitter. I can be in one session but follow 3 others at the same time…” via@web20classroom
  • “Be willing 2 b transformed. How dare we think we can transform lives of child w/o being willing 2 b transformed ourselves. (Lehmann)” via@kyteacher
  • “Be intentional about everything you do in your school” via@mbteach
  • Theme song for #iste10 The Schoology Team would like to thank everyone who teaches and learns every day! via@schoology

It has been truly amazing following the conference virtually. I feel privileged to have talked to so many wonderful educators.

    Big thank you from the Schoology Team! See you next year at ISTE 2011!

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