My Teacher, My Hero

  • Social Media Outreach/Marketing
    • Goal: My Teacher, My Hero strives to give thanks to inspirational teachers across the country and inspire new teachers to join the profession. We hope to help raise the status of teachers in our society and recognize the integral role that they play in shaping our future. With your help, we feel that we can shift our society’s perception of the teaching profession towards recognizing educators for the important role that they play. Further, we hope to inspire a generation of young, intelligent, and passionate people to take pride in their desire to teach.
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    • Tis the Season to be Giving and Sharing- partnership with DonorsChoose.org
      • We collaborated with teachers, schools, and families asking them to create and raise money for DonorsChoose Projects by posting videos on My Teacher, My Hero thanking a teacher that had influenced their lives.  For every thank you video, each participant received a Giving Card to donate to the DonorsChoose Project of their choice.

Certification Map

  • Research and development on TESOL program
  • Social Media Outreach/Marketing
    • Goal:Certification Map is a simple guide to receiving teacher certification and clarifies the steps needed to become a teacher in your state.
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Teaching Jobs Portal

  • Social Media Outreach/Marketing
    • Goal:Teaching Jobs Portal is a new directory that organizes teaching jobs and teaching career resources.  To create an extremely easy-to-use job search, career education site, and networking community for both current and aspiring teachers. We want to help educators find jobs based on interest as well as by the level of critical need by both state and subject.
  • Content Strategy
  • Research and development on nation wide teacher shortages
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  • Social Outreach/Marketing
    • Goal: The MAT@USC offers current educators and aspiring teachers the ability to earn a highly respected Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. The innovative curriculum combines highly interactive online learning with carefully selected field-based experiences in the area where you live, thereby enabling you to earn this advanced degree from anywhere in the country.
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MAT@USC | Facebook


  • Web Editor
  • Audio Editing Interview for On-Air Broadcasts

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